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管板焊机 S 406/上海/2007  
Tube sheet welder S 406/Shanghai/2007

Technically advanced, practically reliable and useful, tube sheet welders are widely applied in welding of various types of pressure vessels, condensers, heat exchangers, evaporators in the chemcial and pharmaceutical industries.

German-made Messer digit-contolled cutting equipment

大型进口数控切割机是公司切割下料的核心设备,由历史悠久的德国梅塞尔公司生产,等离子、火焰兼容,支持 CAD 图形编辑,在 15 米× 6 米的范围内自动切割,一次完成,切口光滑垂直,下料速度快,切割精度高,是实现自动焊接必不可少的装备
The imported large-sized digit-controlled cutting equipment is the critical device for blanking. Made by Messer, the pretigious German producer, it combines plasma and flame cutting in one unit and is supported by CAD image editting functions. The cutting in the range of 15 meters times 6 meters can be made automatically once through, leaving smooth and vertical cutting edges. Fast blanking speed and precise cutting make it essential to realize automatic welding.

Linkon high-power submerged arc welding center

he German made EWM gas shielded welders have unique advantages in both welding performance and operational application. Our company is equipped with EWM gas shielded welding system, which produces excellent welding quality, esp. for stainless steel.

XBJ-12 型铣边机  
XBJ-12 edge milling machine

It is used to produce straight or bevel edges, or U shaped welding seams before welding of sheets and plates. It can fully enhance the working efficiency and guarantee the welding quality, esp, for the automatic welding of workpieces. For plates with thickness smaller than 20mm, the grooves can be milled at one stoke.

Mastar 2000 welding power source

是法国普利苏德公司最新的万能通用电源系列,适用于管-板全位置焊接电源使用。具有脉冲或连续焊接;焊接速度与送丝速度连续或脉冲同步焊接;电弧电压控制(AVC),使无中断多道焊接成为可能; 电弧摆动;保护气体可编程控制等功能
Mastar 2000 welding power source is the newest universal power source series product made by French company Polysoude and is applied in tube-sheet all-position welding. It features pulse or continuous welding, with the welding speed and wire feeding speed being continuous or pulse synchronous with welding. It applies arc voltage control (AVC), making the non – interrupt multi-pass welding possible; weaving arc, and programmable control functions for shielding gas.
SUGINO 电动式胀管机  
SUGINO Electric tube expander

The SUGINO Electric tube expander applies Japan newest technology and is capable of expanding and fixing the tubes of heat exchangers and condensers onto the tube sheets. The control is made by CPU, thus acting very fast.
Fully automatic polishing equipment

The fully automatic polishing equipment can deal with workpieces up to 4200mm in diameter and 1800mm high at the largest. It produces an uniformly polished surface, whose polish can fully satisfy the requirements for sanitary and clean equipment.
Digit-controlled plasma and flame cutting machine

美国 HYPERTHERM 公司的 EDGE Ⅱ 切割专用数控系统。并且是具有一个等离子割炬和两个火焰割炬的综合性数控切割机,采用双边驱动,该机配置合理、功能完善,既能用火焰切割各种碳钢板,又能用等离子切割不锈钢、铝、铜等有色金属板材。
The EDGE II cutting specialized digit control system made by America Hypertherm makes it a comprehensive digit-control cutting machine integrating one plasma torch and two flame torches. With double-side drives, it is properly equipped to achieve perfect functions, capable of not only cutting various carbon steel plates by flame, but also cutting stainless steel and nonferrous metals, such as aluminium and copper, by plasma.
Plate shear

The machine support and blade carrier are wholly welded structure, with stress eliminated by vibration and with precise performance. With three-point support rolling guide, the supporting gap is eliminated and the shearing quality is enhanced. The gaps of blades are electrically adjusted, and the shearing is made accurately at high speed. It features shearing by fixed length.
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