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开辟新市场 拓展新领域
Welcoming Foreign Cooperation, Exploring New Market

发布时间: 2015-11-13 被阅览数: 2051 次
     9月18日至19日,Evado公司的总设计师Martin Wett博士一行来石,与大客户举行了项目交流会,详细介绍了该公司在世界各地的大型项目以及当前世界上先进的环保技术,并且与客户环保领域的领导详细讨论了拟建项目的设计规划。会后一行几人来到我公司新厂,对员工进行了关于污水处理方面的培训和交流。在参观了新建的5万平米大车间,外方对我公司的规模以及质检能力提出了称赞。
      通过长期与国外公司的合作,我们可以汲取国外公司先进的国际工程管理经验以及合作经验,使我司在国际化的道路上不断前行。通过与德国先进公司的合作,让我们可以更好的把”中国制造2025” 与 ”德国工业4.0” 紧密地连接起来,调整产业结构,为迎接新一轮产业变革做好充足的准备。
      Aiming at exploring wider market in the environmental protection fields, our company has made intensive investigation into domestic market and exchanged ideas with several foreign professional companies for a suitable long-term cooperator. In September, Hebei Tgoing Chemical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has established strategic cooperation relationships with Evado Engineering GbR, Germany by signing an long-term Cooperation Agreement, which was a supportive move for a larger market share in domestic environmentally-friendly engineering fields.
      Evado Engineering GbR, located in Ulm, Germany, is an international acting consultancy and it’s professionals deliver consultant and engineering service to realize process technology in the fields of wastewater, waste gas and energy for public and private clients. The breadth of its service spectrum enables the realisation of customized offers which aim to meet the needs and requirements of clients, in particular its international clients. Innovative problem solutions and a well-attuned team of highly-motivated specialists have established an excellent market reputation.
      On Sep. 18 and 19, a crew of Evado Engineering GbR, led by its chief designer, Dr. Wett, came to Shijiazhuang and held a seminar with our major clients in the locality. Dr. Wett made presentations about the world leading environmental technologies as well as its large projects all over the world, and then discussed with the clients regarding their planned projects. After the seminar, they visited our new plant zone and made a presentation on their expertise and answered inquiries in the environmental protection field with our engineers and designers. They were impressed by our new 50,000 square meters workshop, our handling capacity and quality control capabilities.
       Through long-term cooperation with foreign professionals, we can learn from them on international project management so as to explore a global business stand. By working with German leading company, we can integrate Made-in-China 2025 with German Industry 4.0 to motivate the industrial restructuring, so that we can be fully prepared for a new-round industrial reform in China.

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