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石家庄市委书记孙瑞彬一行到河北天工观摩重点项目建设情况 (2015-6-9)
Observation mission on Provincial Key Projects visited our company (Jun.9, 2015)

发布时间: 2015-06-18 被阅览数: 2678 次
      From Jun. 8th to 10th, 2015, Mr. Sun Ruibin, the member of Hebei Provincial Standing Committee cum the Secretary of Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee led an observation mission to tour the Provincial Key Projects under the jurisdiction of Shijiazhuang Municipal Government, which involved 21 counties (cities or districts) and the Hi-Tech Zone. The mission members are leaders from the Four Leading Administrations, i.e. the Party Committee, the Municipal Government, the NPC (National People’s Congress), and CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) of Shijiazhuang City, also the Mayors and Committee Secretaries from the local Counties (cities or districts), as well as the major leaders from Departments directly under the Municipal Government, over 110 people in total.
      On Jun. 9th, Mr. Sun led the observation mission to visit our company for the 30,000 t/a SS equipment and machinery manufacture base project initiated by our company since 2011. They toured the newly-built 47000 square meters production shop, observed the pipe-plate welding process and the finished products, listened to our GM’s introduction and report on the company, the operation and market, the project plan, the strength and status, the economical and social benefits, and so on.
      Our project was initiated with the aim to enlarge and strengthen our equipment manufacture capacity, meanwhile to transform and renovate our products. It boasts a total investment of 617.8 million yuan, a land coverage of 207 mu (34.5 acres), and construction area of 105,6000 square meters. It creates additionally 300 working posts and is economically and socially efficient. The project was listed in the first group of Provincial Key Projects in the region of Middle and South Hebei Province.
     After hearing our reports, Mr. Sun praised our company for our new achievements with the construction of the new project and extended hopes to us for further strengthen innovation and reform, lower costs and increase efficiency, so that we can enhance our market competitiveness and development potential of the enterprise, we can promote the industrial breakthrough in East Zone and provide supports to the healthy and rapid development of Shijiazhuang City, and thus play an active role in Shijiazhuang Economy Transformation and Upgrading.

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