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公司通过压力容器设计换证 (2015-4-28)
We have passed recertification audit for Pressure Vessels Design Licence

发布时间: 2015-06-18 被阅览数: 2187 次
     On Apr.20 and 21, our company was audited for recertification of pressure vessels design qualification, which was the third time since we were first granted the design licence years ago. Under the surveillance of two experts from Shijiazhuang Quality Supervision Administration, The Design Dept coordinated with the four-member panel from Hebei Provincial Special Equipment Association for site inspection, regarding establishment and implementation of quality assurance system, archives management, qualification stamps management, spot check of filed design drawings, scene reply for design, check and review personnel. The audit panel made a final conclusion that Tgoing is qualified for design of Class D1 and D2 pressure vessels and thus is granted recertification. In the future, our company will further improve our design work in accordance with higher criteria, so as to enhance our design levels on an overall basis.

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