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Our company approved and designated as a State-level
High and New Technology Enterprise (Jun.15, 2011)

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       For recent years, the State Government has been laying emphasis on High and New Technology Enterprises, and the new and high technology has gradually become the backbone of the country’s industry. To promote and encourage the development of such enterprises, the Notice of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation on Printing and Distributing the Administrative Measures for Determination of High and New Technology Enterprises was issued in 2008, which formally granted a series of preferable policies for approved High and New Technology Enterprises.
       In order to enhance the self-innovative capabilities, pace up the technical reform and strengthen the social image and competitiveness, our company started the application procedures since March 2011. In view that the time was fairly urgent, the Technology Dept., Financial Dept. and General Affairs Office set up, temporarily, an Application Work Team for High and New Technology Enterprises under the powerful support of the company leaders. They worked very hard and coordinate with each other well, giving priority to the application work besides the routine work everyday and solved various difficulties during the process of preparing various forms. Through the joint efforts, the application documentation and forms was submitted to the Provincial Dept of Science and Technology before April 15, the deadline. At the end of May, our application was reviewed and approved by the Expert Panel. On June 1, the determination results were put on public notice in the authorities’ official website for fifteen days. Now the relevant registration and certification is underway, which is a symbol that our company has successfully passed the identification of the High and New Technology Enterprises.

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