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    公司技术中心配置了Lansys(化工设备强度计算)软件包,另外还有计算机网络中心、档案室等。技术中心运用完善的开发设计软硬件系统,采取自主开发与合作开发相结合的方式,在化工机械、制药装备和压力容器领域的前沿不断进行科研探索,获得了丰硕的科研成果。1998年研制出国内第一台过滤/干燥器(三合一),并取得了国家实用新型专利(专利号:ZL 99 2 44772.0)。2005年开发的国内首创的转鼓式无菌离心干燥机,并取得了实用新型专利(专利号:ZL 03 2 42136.2),被国家列入石家庄市重点新产品攻关计划,被授予2005年度石家庄市科技十强企业。2007年公司开发出五效蒸发系统,并成功应用于石药集团内蒙古中润药业有限公司废水处理项目。
    为了及时了解和掌握行业最新动态和先进技术,公司加入了中国制药装备行业协会、发酵工业协会和医药设备工程协会等行业协会,并与清华大学、浙江大学、河北工业大学等多所高等院校建立了长期稳定的合作关系。2001年公司与北京清大科技园科技中心合作成立共同发起设立了北京清大天工科技有限公司。 该公司依托清华大学化工教研室,与河北天工化工机械制造有限公司优势互补,致力于化工和制药行业新工艺、新技术、新设备的研发设计。

    Our Technology Center is equipped with Lansys (chemical equipment strength calculation) software and supported by Computer Network Center, Archive Dept. Making use of the fairly complete R&D software and hardware systems and integrating self-development with cooperative development, the Technology Center has achieved many fruits at the front edge of the chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment and pressure vessels fields. In 1998, we developed the China first “three-in-one” unit and got the national patent of utility model (No. ZL 99 2 44772.0). In 2005, we developed the China first rotary sterile centrifugal dryer and got the national patent of utility model (No. ZL 03 2 42136.2). This project was listed in the Program for Key New Products in Shijiazhuang City and the company was awarded the Top Ten Technically Strong Enterprises of Shijiazhuang City in 2005. In 2007, our company developed the five-effect evaporation system, which was successfully applied in the wastewater treatment project of CSPC Zhongrun (Inner Mongolia) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    The company is member of China Association For Pharmaceutical Equipment (CAPE), China Fermentation Industry Association (CFIA), China Pharmaceutical Association of Plant Engineering (CPAPE) and other industrial associations, and has established long-term stable cooperative relationships with Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Hebei University of Technology as well. In 2001, jointly with Beijing Tsingda Science and Technology Center, our company set up Beijing Tsingda Tgoing Technology Limited, which complements our company’s advantages and promotes our R&D in new process, technology and equipment in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
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