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多效蒸发器  Multi-effect Evaporator
Falling-film single, double, three and multi-effect evaporators are widely applied in the fermentation, starch/starch sugar, fruit juice, beverage, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industies for evaporation and concentration of distillage filtration, Monosodium glutamate solution, fermentation broth, maize slurry, starch wastewaer, starch syrup, xylose solution, fruit juice, vegetable juice, soybean whey liquor, milk, etc as well as the comprehensive treatment of high-concentration organic and chemical wastewater.
环保反应塔  Environmental-friendly Reaction Tower
After its temperature being controlled stable, the wastewater, at fixed amount, is sent by lift pump into the distributor at the bottom of the reactor, where it reacts with the anaerobic sludge at the bottom bed, with part of the pollutants are decomposed and transformed into methane and small-molecular organics; and then it rises up at the hydraulic force and further reacts with the sludge in the suspending sludge layer, while the wastewater, methane and sludge with absorbed gases accelerate, at the hydraulic action, to the three-phase separator on the top of the reactor. The mixed liquor is first degassed through the bottom baffle plates and then collected into the water sealed tank before discharged to the air at high elevation or burned. The solid-liquid mixture enters the sedimentation zone of the three-phase separator for separation of sludge and water. The wastewater is gathered and led out through overflow chutes, and the sedimented sludge is refluxed along the slope of the baffle plates back to the bottem sludge zone. In this way, the relevant specifications can be satisfied.
过滤干燥器  Filtering Dryer
FWD filtering dryers are widely applied to the solid-liquid separation, washing and drying of for turbid and crystallization liquors in the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff industries. The three functioning processes are accomplished in one integrated unit on a continuous operating basis. The process materials need not be transferred, thus saving time and labor, and free of contamination and loss of materials.
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