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大型发酵罐设备  Large-sized Fermenter
Fermenter is a widely applied bioreactor for microbe growth in pharmaceutical, MSG, enzyme, foodstuff industries. Various microorganisms grow, excret and form fermentation products inside the fermenters. We design and customize many lines of fermenter products, such as mechnically agitated, gas agitated, anaerobic types (like fermentation for alcohol), etc, all with complete ranges of specifications, tight structure, sufficient strength and long service life.
真空煮糖罐  Vacuum Boiling Pan
The vacuum boiling pan is one kind of special equipment for MSG and sugar industry, and is also applied in production of xylitol and anhydrous dextrose. It features internal heating and is equipped with forced circulating agitators. It works by the principle of flash cooling crystallization after vacuum evaporation. With seed crystal fed in, it adjusts evaporation temperature and controls saturation by vacuum degrees, thus controlling the growth of crystals and precipitation of necleus. Meanwhile, the crystals grow by means of continuous adding unsaturated solution to make up the solutes. The whole operating system consists of water-ring vacuum pump system, condenser, seed crystal system, online monitoring system for density, grain size and concentration as well as the relevant control softwares.
卧式结晶机  Horizontal Crystallizer
简介:主要为横卧式封闭圆筒结构,两端端盖安装机械密封装置及减速机。罐壁具有旋流式冷却水夹层。罐中心设置空心轴,用以固定冷却盘管和搅拌螺旋带,两端轴头配机封式旋转接头,具有搅拌、冷却及清壁刮料作用。我公司设计制作的卧式结晶机质量稳定,运行可靠。主要规格有5M3、10 M3、15 M3、20 M3、25 M3、30 M3、35 M3等。
The horizontal crystallizer is mainly of enclosed cylindrical structure, with mechanical sealing device and reducer on then end caps and with swirl cooling water jacket on the walls. The cylinder is equipped with hollow shaft in the center to secure the cooling coils and agitating helical bands. The shaft ends are equipped with mechanical-sealed rotary joints for agitation, cooling, cleaning the walls by scrubbing, etc. Of stable quality and reliable operation, TGOING produces horizontal crystallizers of dimensions of 5M3, 10 M3, 15 M3, 20 M3, 25 M3, 30 M3, 35 M3 and so on.
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